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The Clackamas Bookshelf provides free books to low-income children in Clackamas County, with the understanding that widespread access to books offers positive, long-term benefits to our entire community.


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Need a new-to-you book to read? The Bookshelf is now offering Surprise Book Bags! Let us know your favorite genres or authors and we’ll hand select and deliver a bag of surprise books...right to your front porch.


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Our store is open by appointment only on Sundays! Wear your mask and shop with only 4 other people during your scheduled hour. We're closed the month of January to clean and organize. See you in February!


minutes a day spent reading with a child helps him/her develop critical reading skills


Students who are not proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school


Number of hours a year kids spend at home 
Kids spend 900 hours at school

Our Impact

Julia Monteith, Oregon Trail School District

The Clackamas Bookshelf was a helping hand for our families during the prolonged COVID-19 school closure. Their mission to support those most in need became a broader imperative as our families sheltered in their homes. Without access to books from their classroom or school library, our students were eager for new stories. As one of our parents said, our kids were “over the moon with fresh books!"

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The Clackamas Bookshelf

The Clackamas Bookshelf provides free books to kids in Clackamas County who need them.


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