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Board of Directors

Katy Reed Preston, Executive Director  


Katy has spent the past two decades working with struggling readers. She attended Ithaca College in New York, earning a degree in Speech and Language Disorders. Having grown up in Oregon, she returned to her hometown to acquire a Masters in Education degree at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.


She worked for ten years as a Teacher of the Deaf for Northwest Regional Education Service District. The majority of her work was focused on deaf and hard-of-hearing children between the ages of 3-5. She is the author of Metaphor Magic, written to help children understand and analyze metaphors, and is the co-author for a very popular storybook-based curriculum, Happily Ever After: Using Storybooks in Preschool Settings.


After leaving the workforce to raise her family, she began volunteering in the public school her two daughters attended.  Working on a daily basis with struggling readers, she volunteered hundreds of hours to help these children achieve literacy skills. This experience led her to the development of The Clackamas Bookshelf, with the hope of bridging the learning gap she saw between children who had access to books at home, and those who did not. Her goal is to increase book ownership throughout the entire county.


One of her favorite books is The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, because it illustrates how each person has a gift to offer the world, and that one just needs figure out what the gift is.

Erika Spooner

Erika has been a partner and graphic designer at Creative Abandon for over 20 years. She has worked with clients in many industries including high tech, food manufacturing, employee benefits, and financial services.

Before having a family, Erika spent several years volunteering for non-profits in the local sailing community. When her children started elementary school, she focused her efforts on supporting their education by helping in the classroom, chairing fundraising events, and serving on the parent organization board in a variety of capacities.

She loves books and was thrilled when her boys started reading on their own for pleasure for the first time. When they were small, one of her favorites to read was Are You My Mother?.

​Natashia Bongiorno​


Natashia Bongiorno works in Contracts in the Defense Aerospace Technology industry and is finishing up her degree from Colorado State University. Prior, she spent several years working for the North Clackamas School District's Wichita Center supporting community service efforts and after-school programs where she first connected with The Clackamas Bookshelf. She is passionate about community outreach, and loves to spend weekends reading through a stack of books at the beach, or out camping in the woods with her spouse and two dogs.

She grew up listening to her grandpa read the Baby Farm Animals Little Golden Book and Jerry Smath’s But No Elephants so often that the covers fell off, and renting loads of books from the library for rainy Pacific City beach trips with her mum.

Not Pictured:
Amanda Adams
Olga Salinas
Advisory Committee
​Jeff Meucci

Maggie Thornton
Kristy Karsten
Katie Liebert
​Michael Milch

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