The Clackamas Bookshelf

The Clackamas Bookshelf provides free books to kids in Clackamas County who need them.


Phone: 503-908-3766

Tax ID: 47-1189318

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Clackamas Bookshelf gives away its 50,000th book. Raymond Rendleman w/Pamplin Media. 6/8/18

The Clackamas Bookshelf nears milestone. Joey Harrington w/KGW8. 5/23/18

Clackamas Bookshelf donations give books to kids. Pamplin Media. 11/3/14

"Being able to provide at-home reading material to my neediest students helps them complete their homework and grow academically. I could not provide this service without the support of the Clackamas Bookshelf. Thank you so much!"

Dana Domenigoni, Redland Elementary School

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