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We are incredibly grateful for our supporters. Supporters who help us get more books into the hands and homes of underserved kids in our community. Supporters who understand that by increasing the number of books at home for kids means better outcomes in school, reading, and writing. Supporters who recognize that not all children have books to call their own.

This year we have big plans to expand our impact. These include reaching more children through book giveaways, adding a greater number of culturally diverse books, and serving more Head Start students in Clackamas County.

With these plans, now more than ever we need the support of generous individuals like you.

Become a contributing member by giving $25+ per month.* Would you like to join us?

Members receive:**

10 free books a month, for a total of 120 free books.

A personal shopping experience each month.

Access to pop-up events.

The good feeling you get knowing that you’re giving 25 books EVERY MONTH to kids who need them.

Will you consider becoming a monthly giver and member of The Clackamas Bookshelf? The children we serve need a hero like you.

Or use our form to donate with a check. Contact us at 503-908-3766 or if you have questions.

*Or make a one-time donation of $300. **Benefits start on the date of donation. Monthly donors receive benefits as long as monthly donations are made. One-time donors receive benefits for one year.