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Your donation allows us to purchase high-interest, diverse books for children from pre-K through high school.

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Whether you shop at our book sales (currently accepting appointments to shop) or attend a Dine for Dollars event, you're helping to ensure that kids in Clackamas County get books to enjoy at home.

"Students get so excited when they get to choose a book to keep. Many can't believe that they actually get to keep it, and sometimes ask me several times if they really don't have to return it. The day students choose a book, they want to spend the whole day reading it! I have observed this ownership results in an enjoyment for reading that students may not have otherwise."

Karen Zerzan, Kraxberger Middle School

Donate Books

We accept all books with a few exceptions. New and gently-used children’s books will go directly to kids who need them; books for adults (literature, cookbooks, etc.) will be sold to help fund our mission. Team up with your workplace or service group to host a book drive.


Please visit our Donate Books page to learn more.


Come to a cleaning session. Gather some friends or co-workers, and contact us to arrange to have your own, personal cleaning party.

(On hold until further notice.)


Support children's literacy just by doing your shopping. It costs you nothing and doesn't affect your personal rewards!


Our donors are key to our mission

Donors in the last 12 months

The Cat in the Hat Level - $1,000–2,499

Mary Jo Armbrust - In memory of Michael J. Armbrust

Bayha Family Charitable Fund

June & Tom Berry

Benjamin Misley

The Springs Resident Council

Winnie the Pooh Level - $500–999


Annlie Engman

Jon & Andrea Karl

Jim Remensperger

Roof Masters Inc.

Ramona Quimby Level - $250–499


Nancy Bailey

Tawnya Chose

Dawn Colvin

Karen Currier

Becky Gradwahl

Deborah Hanna

Marci Hartson

Shauna Kimble


Gay Liebert

Katherine Liebert

Michael Milch - In memory of Nancy Peters Milch

NW Natural

Yvonne Recker

Jason Reed

Mary Rowe

Marilyn Smelser

Steven Smelser Homes, Inc.

Erika Spooner

Margaret Thornton - In memory of Marjorie Fliniau

The Velveteen Rabbit Level - Up to $249

Alaska Airlines

Ken & Sue Alcorn - In memory of Marvin Thornley

Kristy Alberty

Lois Almeda

Alpha Phi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma


Carla Austin

Donna Bade

Liz Bailey

Sarah Bailey

Julie Bauder - In memory of Marvin Thornley

Janet Bell

Carolyn Bennett

Lynn Betteridge

Suzanne Birch

Heidi Blackwell

Keith Bodnar

Tara Bridges

Dana Brown

Darci Buckland

Linda Burgard

Jan Buse

Meladie Cartwright

Alex Chestnutt Van Pelt

Barbara Chilton

Coventry Hill Property Owners Association - In memory of Marvin Thornley

Anna Cowen

Stacy Dalgarno

Linda DeBlasio

Christine Didway

Mary-Elise Diedrich

Natashia Duncan

Kristen Edmiaston

Valerie Elliott

Leigh Flynn

Alan & Havilah Ferschweiler

Carolyne Filsinger

Carol Flanagan

Ronnette Fritts
Katherine Gardner - In memory of Marvin Thornley

Janet Garrison

Lori Gilinsky

Justin Gough

Terese Hale

Vicki Hepler

Rhonda Herring

Lauren Herrington

Kari Hill

Home Dreams 2 Reality PC

Gabrielle Horwege

Jennifer Hungerford

Charlotte Iliff

Deb Ingebretsen

Pennie Isbell

Devon Jahn

La Juan Jecker

Christine Jeibmann

Leslie Jones

Margaret Kalil

Kristy Karsten

Jack & Linda Keesey

Carol Kemhus

Carol Jo Kennedy

Dusty Kimmons

Candace Krause

Janice Krause

Kristen Lacijan-Drew

Tracy Leatham

Anilu Lluncor

Brenda Loop

Linda Mahaffy

Sharon Manuel

Micaela Mareina

Bonnie Marston

Debra Mason

Jim Maxwell

Suzanne McCoy

Janet McCullough

Cathy Miller

Eric Mills - In honor of Suzanne Mills

Shawna Mixon - In memory of Hazel Howard

Anita Mortimer

Elizabeth Murphy

Tara Noland

Karen Oehler

Cynthia Oja

Christine Overstreet

Michelle Packer

Beth Paget

Holly Peartree

Faye Pendergrass

Janet Peschka

Julie Peters

Jeannie Peterson

Melissa Pfaff

Marketa Pospisil

Ann Powell

Julia Primozich

Laura Queen

Emily Reed

Karon Reese

Hannah Reid

Claudia Robertson

Leslie Robinette

Denise Rolen

Chris Rose

Sandy Rose

Heidi Rowan

Myranda Rusie

Angel Rutherford

Christine Ryan - In memory of Claire Zahm

Marajo Santos

Sue Sayers

Debra Schieber

Laura Schlafly

Patti Schleiger

Kari Schneider-Hille

Sheila Schroder

Kristin Serniotti

Carol Short

Angie Shroufe

Kristi Slagle-Switzer

Angela Smith

Marcia Stanard - In honor of the Religious Education teachers at Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Williamette Falls

Stowe Household

Lois Stroy

Sarah Sue

Sheila Sullivan

Christine Swanson

Daniel Teibel

Linda Temple

Elizabeth Thornton

Thrivent Financial

Lyn Trainer

Doug Turner

Natalie Van Hook

Ruth Vandercook

Laura Walhood

Karen Walsh

Mary Warren

Carol Weaver

Cheri Pickens Weaver

Gretchen Webb

Kathi Weber

Annemie Williams

Danielle Woodard

Kay Yancey

Jue-Hua Yau

Joan Young

Janine Zeller

Terry Zornado